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The Saiyan Saga
      The saga starts off showing a picture of Gokus' house and his son Gohan.
They are planning to go to Master Roshi for a reunion. They arrive to find 
Krillen and Master Roshi there. Bulma comes in short after. Everyone wonders
who the little boy is, so Goku announces that he is his son. Gohan isn't training
because his mother doesn't want him to train.  Meanwhile... Piccolo afteer all 
these years is still training to beat Goku, even though Goku is relaxing for all 
these years. Meanwhile... At a farm a space pod out of nowhere crashes into
the ground. The farmer goes over to check out what happened. The space pod
opened and out came a human looking person wearing funky clothes. The 
farmer out of fear shoots a bullet at  the unknown man. The man grabs the
bullet and flings it back destroying a truck. He flies looking for a guy named
Kakarot. He senses someone with a high power level and flies over to that 
area. The unknown man finds Piccolo(lucky him ^_^) he asks Piccolo if he 
knows where Kakarot is. Piccolo says he doesn't know. The unknown guy 
curses and says the Kakarot should've wiped out this planet along time ago.
Piccolo feeling threatened starts charging up an attack he unleashes it on
on the unkown man. But the unkwn man is standing there without a scratch 
on him. The unknown man starts chraging up his own attack which he calls 
"Keep your eye on the Birdy". But then he senses a power level higher than 
Piccolos' and flies off. Piccolo is just left there stunned. The unknown man
flies and finss a little Island. Goku comes out sensing a hugh power level. 
The unkown man recognises him instantly. Goku asks who he is and what he 
wants. The man introduces him as Radditz, Gokus' older brother. He explains
how Goku was born on a planet that sends warriors to wipe out planets for 
sale, he says Goku was sent as a baby to wipe out earth. Radditz asks why 
hasn't earth been cleaned up yet. Goku doesn't understand what he is talking about.
Master Roshi confesses that Grandpa Gohan found Goku in a little pod and he was a 
very violent boy, until he fell down a cliff and bumped his head and became a normal boy.
Well anyway Raditz asks Goku to join him with his other saiyans to help wipe out 
planets.Goku refuses,so Raditz has no other choice to use force. Goku tries to defend 
himself but get beaten. Gohan starts to cry and then suddenly Raditz scouter goes off
it says that gohans' PL is 900! So Radditz kidnaps Gohan and tells Goku if he wants his
 son he'l have to take it from him. they discover Piccolo was listening in on all of this
 and says that if they were to beat Radditz they must join forces to defeat and they go flying off.
Master Roshi comments that they could be the two strongest fighters in the universe...(yeah right!)
They find Radditz near a farm. Radditz gives Goku one last chance to join him... Goku refuses.
They start attacking head on. Every punch misses, every kick is thrown in the air. While Radditz is
 connecting with everything. Gohan, who is in the huge crater that the pod made can hear the
yells of his father. Goku jumps into the air and starts chraging up his Kamehameha. Radditz scouter
his PL was climbing, On the other side Piccolo was charging his new move. Both of them raising their
PL significantly. Goku fires his Kamehameha and Piccolo fires his Special Beam Cannon. there is a 
huge explosion and tons of dust flying around but when the rubble cleared Radditz was still standing.
Goku explains that Radditz is too fast to hit with their attacks. Radditz examines his armour and
comments if that beam had hit Radditz he would've been dead. Radditz continues his assault on the
two fighters. Goku and Piccolo continue to fight. Goku trails off somewhere for Piccolo to fight by
 himself. Radditz being careless got grabbed in the tail and is being very weakened. Goku tells 
Piccolo starts charging his beam. Radditz syas to goku that he is sorry for all the pain he's caused 
and he'll leave and never come back. goku falls for it. Piccolo comments that Goku is a fool and 
is too soft hearted to be a great fighter. Radditz escaped and kicks Goku and he goes flying.
He charges at Piccolo and manages to chop off the hand. He then proceeds towards Goku and
 starts stomping on him. Gohan in the pod can hear his father screaming. He starts getting mad and
he burst out of the pod shattering it to pieces.Radditz senses an enormous PL of 1 130.
 Gohan lunges towards Radditz and headbutts him with great force. Radditz gets up and is still in 
shocked by what this 4 year old did to him! He slowly advances towards Piccolo who can't really do 
anything. But Goku gets up and grab him. This time he couldn't get his tail because Radditz 
concealed it. Radditz, weakened by Gohan can't get out. Goku tells Piccolo to charge up his beam 
one last time.Radditz tells Goku is a bluffer and wouldn't get killed on purpose. Piccolo explains that
on earth there are a set of Dragonballs which grant them the power to make any wish. After hearing
this Radditz starts struggling even harder, but to no avail. Piccolo states how sweet this was for him
killing Goku and his brother in one shot. Finally the beam is let go and goes through noth Goku and
Radditz. Radditz is laughing on the ground still barely alive, he says that his scouter is also a tele
communications device and his saiyan friends will be here in a year. He also states that they are 
much stronger than he is. Radditz dies off and both Goku and Radditz's bodies disappear. Roshi,
Bulma and Krillen arrive via helicopter. To find nothing but Piccolo and an unconsious Gohan. Piccolo
declares that in one year two strong people will come and threaten everyone. So he tells Krillen to
tell all of the other Z-fighters to train and in one year they'll ne fighting a very tough fight. 
Piccolo also tells Bulma that he will take Gohan to train him. He says that Gohan has huge potential
to be a great fighter.

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