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Feb 20,2002
Shutdownm... Update By:RayMan

Well I've had a good run with this site. But after a while it got kind of boring. So I have decided to shut this site down. It will still be up not just updated. Not to worry one of the reasons I decided to shut it down is because I am part of a bigger website. It is a new site but I will help it become big. Visist Eternal Spirits X! Good Bye

Feb 13,2002
A bit of a break Update By:RayMan

Well I've had quite a change of semesters so I had to get everything organized. Well I'm back and updating again. I got the other animations page up.On that page there are animations to do with fights and characters that aren't in the other pages.

Feb 5,2002
Stats4all fixed... Update By:RayMan

Well Stats4all has been fixed. That's all I have for now.

Feb 2,2002
New Affiliate Update By:RayMan

I got another affilate called Saiyan Trail another new website... Go check'em out

Feb 1,2002
Affiliate Changed... Update By:RayMan

One of my affiliates changed their websites so I'm just changing the URL for it. That's about it. Very minor update.
If you wanna become an affililate click here!

Jan 31,2002
Another Section... Update By:RayMan

I have added another section. It is called pic of the month. It's just a pic I find interesting or funny related to Dbz. Well go check it out!

Jan 29,2002
More animations, added more humor... Update By:RayMan

I just finished Cell and Freiza's sections. Well not finished Freiza's needs more animations! But it's up so you can go check'em out.
I also added Dragon Ball guest appearances to the humor section. Go check that out here

Jan 26,2002
New Web Poll, New section Update By:RayMan

A made a new web poll! The last one was who was your favourite character. Well out of about 100 votes it seems that Gohan is the favourite followed closely by Vegeta and Goku. Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll. The new poll is up and it is What is your fav. saga in Dbz. Maybe I'll hold this poll a bit longer.(Maybe 200-300 votes) If you still want to vote for the other poll. They are on every other page other than this.
That is all... Go to the POLL
I have put up another page, it is called Fiction Stories. These are stories that don't really exist. I have posted one story so far, but it's stil not done yet. I co-written in this fiction story(good english practice:) so check it out here.

You think your some writing genius? E-mail-me your own fictional story or humor here

Jan 25,2002
Exams...meh, New type of button, Tripod... Update By:RayMan

I know I said that I wouldn't be updating very frequently since exams... Well I'm back from the fist one and isn't wasn't tough at all! It was just long. I think exams are over rated. I'm not an egghead, my grade average was 76% :) on midterms. Well that's all I have to say about that.
Stats4all is still down! Well my second counter shows that it's getting close to 2000 hits! January has been the best month ever! I hope February can do the same!
My friend says that this new type of button is becoming more popular so I made one just in case,it is a 88x16 button, pretty much the same thing but half the height! Get it here
It seems that tripod(my host) has found a way to get through the little cheat I made. I'll give you people a few links to popup removers: 1 2

Jan 23,2002
Stats4all update, More animations Update By:RayMan
If you have tried to check my stats with Stats4All it says I have a few days with 0 hits! Well this is what Stats4all had to say about it:
18/01 DOS Attacks
Last week the Stats4all service has received multiple serious Denial Of Service Attacks. We are currently modifying our infrastructure to solve this problem. Because of these attacks your stats4all counter has not been counting the correct number of visitors. We are working very hard to solve the problems a.s.a.p and apologize for the inconvenience.
Oh yeah I also had noticed that my news and updates were getting a bit long so I put up a news archive.To go check out the news archive click here
To go check out the new animations click here.
Jan 20,2002
Vegeta Animations, Web Poll. Update By:RayMan
I have put up Vegeta Animations. So go check them out here. That's about it for now. I'll give the Web Poll a few more days and I'll probably change it.
-Hey Webmasters become an affiliate. I'll accept almost anyone.
-Get more hits from nomorehits!
Jan 16,2002
Updated Nav. Bar, Response to comments,More pics Update By:RayMan
I've updated all the navigational bars on the side. I can honestly say that is the worst part about making a site. Well the navigation bars are all updated. I'll be working on gifs next. Up maybe by next week.
In response to a comment from Thomas. The reason Gohan didn't go beyond SSJ 2 is because if he did he would of blew up the solar system with his transformation. To see the images in their regular size just click on them a popup window will come up and you'll see the full size image.
I've added the Vegeta Images section, it's not full yet but I'll look for more pics.
Vote here or become an affiliate.
Jan 12,2002
We hit a thousand! Update By:RayMan
Yesterday, Friday night my counter hopped over 999 and gave my site 1000 visitors! This is a huge step. I've noticed there has been a bit of a hit slump, but that's because holidays are over. Updates are going to become a bit scarce. Maybe once a week. This is all because of exams of course. Well I ask you to please be patient and soon my site will be updated the same frequency as it has been.

Help me get even more hits! Become an affiliate or vote!.
Jan 10,2002
Added another Multimedia section Update By:RayMan
I added another multimedia section. It is wallpapers, wallpapers are the backrounds on your desktop. Most of these will be originals by me. I don't have very many. But I will work hard to bring more in. If you want to contribute your own work just send it to me via e-mail, I'll post it up and full credit will go towards you. 3 up so far, all for 1024x768. So far
Jan 8,2002
Changed link, more humor,removed hotmail,added button Update By:RayMan
It seems that one of my affiliates were improperly linked. Sorry about that. Well it's fixed now. It also seems that my hotmail thing wasn't working so I took it off. Atleast it doesn't work for me.. Well if it worked for you e-mail me and tell me.
I also added two new humor pages:Vegeta's Hair Gel and Behind the Scenes of Dbz. Check out these things here.
If anyone wants to submit any :
-Humor :stories, pics, videos
Plz e-mail me.

My button
Oh by the way I just changed my button for the fun of it. It really is a minor update. Well just thought you'd like to know. Hopefully I'll get the animation program I want, so I can make animated things! Well if any affiliates want to update my button they may do so but it is not necessary. If any webmasters want to affiliate with me they can just grab the code here. That way it'll automatically update if I chang emy button.
Jan 5,2002
New Affiliate Update By:RayMan
I got another affiliate called Vegeta's Lair. Very established site, go check it out! My site has went over 1500 hits! YAY! Hits are increasing every week.
Jan 4,2002
New Web Page, Finished ROM section, Problem fixed Update By:RayMan
I added a new page called The staff. It describes info about the staff(me so far) and if you want to help what you can do. So if you have webmaster experience or knows quite a lot about Dbz or has access to some cool files go check it out. Due to popular demand, I have finished the ROMs sectionit has all the dragonball games on the Super Nintendo there. I may expand it to Gameboy and nintendo games later. but for now that's it. Another question is if you want to expand to other ROMs. I also noticed that not every page had the layout changed and it looked horrible for about 3 days. Well I fixed everything, uploaded it all for the viewers to enjoy. Well that's all for now.
Jan 2,2002
New affiliate, No more banner Update By:RayMan
I got another affiliate:Unstoppable Gohan:Very nice site with a lot of content, Nice layout and frequent updates, I like themusic too^_^. My friend also figured out how to get rid of my banner so that's gone as well that means no more annoying popups or a banner. My site is banner free!
Jan 1 ,2002
Extra Feature Update By:RayMan
I was just surfin the web when I found an interesting bit of script that lets you check your mail from any site. Well I've added that feature to my site. On the navigational bar just click check your hotmail(anchor)it'll bring you to the bottom of the page and you can check your e-mail there. Enter your e-mail address and password and you'll be sent to your inbox. If you don't know what hotmail is you must be a newbie to the net, a complete idiot or is just a freak. Hotmail is a free e-mail provider(probably the most popular in the world. This is because of there messenging program(also free)that can be used with it. Check out hotmail here
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