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Dbz Hyper Dimension

Definitely the newest and the best Dbz game for the Snes. This game is a fighter game with 10 characters with at least 10 special moves each character. This game also can be moved from different fight scenes when your fighting. Great graphics easy control and good playability makes this a great game. I would recommend this game to any age about 7. It's not that hard to figure out.


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Dbz Rpg:Legend of the Super Saiyan

The best Dbz Rpg out there. This game is very hard but very fun. The attack system is like a card game. This game is in English so you can understand. The translation isn't very good but at least it isn't Japanese right? The graphics are great for it's time (1992). But now these are just mediocre. I would recommend this to ages 13 and up. This game is quite hard.


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Super Gokuden 1

Super Gokuden is a type of RPG. It's very easy. The game moves around for you. All you pretty much do is fight. The fighting is very good. This game goes from the start of Dragonball to the end. Recommended for all ages


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Super Gokuden 2

Super Gokuden 2 is almost like Gokuden 1 except for the fact that it is from Dragon Ball Z. The fighting system is also improved.


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Dragon Ball 1

The first Dragon Ball game ever. The graphics are bad. The fighting is choppy. There are very few attacks. Plus it is also in Japanese! I don't recommend this to anyone unless they have a lot of free time to spend.


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Dragon Ball 2

This game is a huge improvement from the first. It has more characters way more moves. The game is much more fluid. Graphics are about the same though. Recommended for all ages.


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Dragon Ball 3

The third and final game of the Dragonball game series. For some reason this game doesn't seem to be as good as the first two... They changed the fighting system. It's basically the same this game takes place in the Buu saga. This game is in french but it doesn't really matter


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Emulators To the top

Znes:The very best emulator out there. It runs almost all games out there for
 the Snes and very smoothly.(Personal Favourite)

Snes9x: This emulator will cover everything the Zsnes misses. 
It's a very simple emulator but a good one.

Note*: You will also need a archiver to unzip it. I recommend Winzip go get it at