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Vegeta's Hair Gel

Vegeta: Hello. Hello and welcome to my show... Well I'm your host Vegeta and I know why you have all come here... Your hair plain sucks and is unmanageable. It has a mind of its own and it cannot be controlled even if you drown it in hairspray or gel. Well, my product is different, it WORKS! My Hair Gel needs no tests, you all know my hair has always stuck up during everything. Battle, flying, and even under water my hair has stood up and has stayed manageable all the time. Now you must be asking me, how much does this wonderful product cost? Good question, just for $19.95, you get a half of a liter bottle of my gel, but call in the next ten minutes and I'll add another bottle for free! Anime Stars such as Goku, Krillin, Yamcha, Ryoko, Sailor Moon, Jubei Yamada, Vash The Stampede, Tien, and Melfina have all used my products, and they are all satisfied customers. Do you want such hair control? Well, then dial 1-900-VegetaGel.

Goku: But Vegeta, does the gel smell good?

Vegeta: Of course, and it was only tested on one animal... His name was Nappa.

Goku: Does your product have any side effects?

Vegeta: Unfortunately some people will lose their hair. Nappa, Tien, Krillin, and Chiaotzu all lost their hair. Sure they say they shaved their head, but that was just a cover up those characters used to stay on the DBZ cast. Although for all you studs with a raving sex life, your hair will stay 100%. As was the case of Krillin. Before Krillin was a baldy, but once he met Android 18 and got married he got his hair back. So I am including a bood on how to sex up your life... Hey I got Bulma, didn't I? ... But there is one more side effect... You may become a tad bit... Ummm... Stupid... As is the case for Goku... You may ask yourself why Gohan is so much smarter than his father as a child, yet he becomes dumber as the show goes on... Well this is just a sneaky trick I used to make them dumb, ya see if ya get my free anti-dumb tonic you will remain smart like me. This also explains why Sailor Moon, and Jubei Yamada are so stupid *laughs* I'll include the anti-dumb for free if you call in the next 20 minutes.

Goku: Hey that's not nice Vegeta. Give me that damn tonic

Vegeta: I'm sorry Goku, but what's done is done, you're a moron.

Goku: NO!!! I'm telling!

Vegeta: Another Satisfied customer. But don't believe me, let's hear from some of our success stories.

Krillin" I could never get a girlfriend until I bought Vegeta's hair gel, damn did his stuff work."

Piccolo: Nameks don't have hair. Vegeta said if I bought his hair gel, I'd get great looking hair. I've got the gel, that means I'm half way there!

Tien: Uhhh... I have a girlfriend... really... I have a girlfriend.

Yamcha: You don't know it, but, I have 7 girlfriends. Thanks Vegeta!


ChiChi: Gohan's hair used to be so hard to style until I used Vegeta's hair gel. I was able to send Gohan to Namek with a great haircut.

Gohan: Cool man, I'm on TV!

Goten: Umm... I better get some of that tonic.

Vegeta: Well you've yeard what they have to say, now it's your turn to pick up the phone and order.

*10 minute break*
you all know what goes on during these breaks
*end of 10 minute break*

Vegeta: Well I hope all you people with bad hair days call up now... -This has been a paid advertisement by Vash Corp., We con people, and it's cool