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Behind the scenes of DragonBall Z

*Theme Song Plays*

Host- "Hi, and welcome to the special DragonBall Z edition of behind the scenes, with your host, Vash. DragonBall Z was a wonderful show that the critics and fans loved, but, behind the scenes, the show was full of trouble and mischief."

Goku- "The worst part about working on the show was that they wouldn't let me go on my flying Nimbus to go get some Burger King. And working with ChiChi...! Oh! was that a pain, she kept telling me that we were to really have sex during a sex scene, but I asked her where the camera's were, and she said they were hidden... I think she wanted me, but women are so confusing!"

ChiChi- "Oh, working on this show was one of my favorite experiences... I remember that time I tricked Goku into having... oops, I meant I had fun bossing around Gohan..."

Gohan- "Working on the set was fun, even funny at times, especially when Goten was around. But it seemed as if we were always eating fish, and those funimation people making us wear bathing suits while we swim!"

Goten- "Hey! are those creme-filled donuts!?"

Vash- "Uhh... Yes, Goten, they are, but... CAN WE GET ON WITH THE SHOW!?!"

Goten- "Yep. whatever you say. My favorite part of the show was eating fish."

Piccolo- "Do you have enough trust in me to let me train your kid in the wild for a year?"

Vash- "What kind of a question was that?"

Gohan- "I think Piccolo molested me as a child."

Piccolo- "They starved me when i worked there... they said i only need water to live! I HATE COMMUNISM!"

Goku- "Ka.... Me.... Ha..."

Vash- "....Goku... What in the name of the devil are you doin?

Goku- "...Me..."

Vegeta- "Kakkarot is CRAZY, and STUPID."

Vash- "Where did you come from?"

Vegeta- "Well, if you must know... I was at K-Mart getting Bulma some tamponds, and then I had to go to the mall, and go shopping for some clothes. Don't I look stylish in pink?"

Goku- "...HA!!!" *blows a giant whole through the ceiling*

Vash- "What was that for?"

Goku- "I've got to train for the evil androids that'll be attacking a city 9 miles southwest of south city in 3 years."

18- "Goku... a few little details about your plan... First, we've already came... and Second, I'm standing right here, and being good."

Goku- "Watch out everyone... It's Android 18!"

18- "Aren't you the observant one?"

Krillin- "Married life is GREAT!"

Marron- "Mommy, I'm hungry."

Krillin- "Honey, I'm hungry."

18- "Alright..." *Takes her shirt off and breast feeds Krillin and Marron*

Vash- "Alright. We'll be right back after a short break."

*Commercials come on, and stay on for a few minutes*

Vash- "We're back, and life wasn't just a fun ride for these people... Women, and Drugs, corupt, and ruin some cast member's live's."

Korrin- "I remember during the third season, Yajirobe started smoking pot, and injecting heroin. After that he started overdosing on Senzu Beans, and... after the Buu saga.... Yajirobe died of a Senzu Bean overdose."

Vegeta- "I remember when Future Trunks was here... I thought I'd show him some fun, and I took him to a strip club. Soon, he was a regular, and was always with hookers... and then he would get in fights at the clubs... but one day... he managed to start something with a guy named Cell. That fight cost him his life, but, we wished him back.

Goku- "I've got to tell you something... I want Videl."

Gohan- "HEY!"

Videl- "Hey Goku... here is a place where you can get great food and have lots of fun *Wink Wink*, the number is 555-5569... call me... i mean call them anytime, night is best."

Goku- "Alright. *Wink Wink* i'll call you tonight."

Videl- "Okay. they are known for how they serve their whip cream *Wink Wink*. You have to lick it up."

Gohan- "Oh, it is a restaurant, cause i could swear that was your number, and you were making a pass at my dad."

Vash- "That's all the time we have today. Goodnight everybody, and I'm your host, Vash.

*End Song Plays*